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NG Firewall is a next-generation platform for deploying network based applications. NG Firewall’s applications inspect network traffic simultaneously, greatly reducing the resource requirements of each individual application

Firewall Features & Benefits

Untangle NG Firewall goes beyond traditional firewalls to give you more protection at the gateway without the need for additional hardware to maintain - saving you time and money. You get a full complement of apps, included in every package, to address common threats.

Untangle NG Firewall handles your content filtering needs without requiring additional appliances - saving you time and money. Enjoy powerful, granular control from our next-generation platform at a price that just makes sense.

NG Firewall’s advanced bandwidth management features set it apart from other next-generation firewall and unified threat management solutions. Optimize your bandwidth usage to reduce overages and keep expenses down.

NG Firewall includes support for secure VPN connections from remote users as well as customizable controlled access options with Captive Portal.

NG Firewall gives you total control per group and per user. Get visibility into traffic and utilization with detailed reporting.

Untangle provides world-class support services as well as complete rebranding of NG Firewall as optional additions to your solution.

Plug & Play Deployment Doesnt Get Any Easier

Untangle® tackles every edge-of-network concern to keep your systems running smoothly and your users happy and productive. Our NG Firewall appliances are designed to scale with you, enabling you to turn applications on or off as your needs change and grow. And our industry-leading interface brings drag-and-drop simplicity to administrative tasks.

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